I am just do-ing it!

Get it?

Just do it mum is just doing it!

I promised a post about sleep training my son… but I have to confess, I haven’t quite cracked this yet. This little fella is a very strongwilled individual! To top it up, my daughter has joined the party. So if I ever do a sleep training blog, it will be about how I failed at it!

Today’s post is just to give myself a nice pat on the back. I am proud to say I have finally moved away from loads-of-ideas-land to just-doing-it-land.

For so long, I have been churning ideas after ideas in my head of things I would like to do outside of work that put my skills to good use. For every idea, I have come up with a hundred reasons not to pursue it. However, summer 2016, a friend shared a business idea with me which sounded very exciting. I knew it was big in America but I didn’t realise it was also big in the UK.

Following our conversation, I was so motivated and sure that I would get started straight away. This was not the case. It took me another six months to commit and register my company.

I wanted to be sure I had an idea of what I was getting myself into before committing.

Needless to say, during my supposed research into whether or not I wanted to take the first step into starting this business, life happened. Days after days went by and I slowly forgot about it. I went back into moaning about how I wished I could utilise my skills further and do something for myself that would be profitable. I came up with a lot of ideas and once again shut each one of them down. I prayed about it as well but I still felt blank.

Six months after the initial conversation with my friend, I was finally ready. I actively did my research, made myself accountable to someone else who was already in this business and within the first week, I had registered my company, started the process to open my business account and started sourcing the products I was going to sell. I went from zero to hundred in less than a week. This just proved to me how much we can achieve when we put our minds to it.

Fast forward to November 2017 and our first product was launched on Amazon. Our hooded baby towel and washcloths made from 100% bamboo fibre. It was a very emotional journey getting here. Running your own business is no mean feat! I have learnt a lot in such a short time and there is still so much I have to learn. I have inserted some pictures below for your perusal and feel free to check it out by clicking here.

The excitement and the hunger to do even more is still there! We are currently working on our second product and we are hopeful there is a significant lot more to come from this!

To anyone out there struggling to start something new or do anything outside of your comfort zone, it is okay to take your time and research. However, don’t let numerous excuses stop you from doing what you should be doing.

Just do it!