About ‘Just do it mum’

I became a mum three months shy of two years ago and it has been the most exciting, interesting, fulfilling but yet challenging time of my life. No one could have prepared me for a life of motherhood. However, ploughing through the internet and finding articles or blogs that were relevant to whatever my current situation was, has been invaluable. As working mums, the challenges we face is endless. From finding appropriate childcare to balancing your life at home and at work while being effective at both (not even aiming for perfection). 

To this end, my aim is to contribute to this growing resource with the hope that someone some where will be inspired by my experiences and that of other mums, which I will also be sharing on this blog. My aim is to encourage all women reading this blog to give them that additional push we sometimes need to move on to the next level of our aspirations. In doing this, I know I will also be inspiring myself. 

To any man reading this, you also have a role to play so don’t close this page just yet. Our blogs will give you a snippet into what matters to some women and how our minds sometimes work. I am also hoping that this blog will give you the tools you may need to encourage a loved one, be it a friend, wife, mum or daughter. 

In my short few years on earth,  I am yet to find someone who does not want to be successful. Success isn’t always defined by how rich you are in monetary terms. I use successful in the above sentence to mean what success means to you. In my experience, I have found that there is a big team behind every successful person and the most effective of which are not on your ‘payroll’. That is, your biggest cheerleaders are often spurring you on because they love you not because they have to. This ranges from our families to friends and colleagues (sometimes). This is not to say one shouldn’t be cautious or to let your guard down. As with everything, wisdom is required. 

In addition,, as a Christian who tries to live her life as Christ would want me to, a lot of my beliefs are based on the bible. On this note, please note that I will not knowingly promote anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical as a way to get ahead. 

I should end this post by saying I do not claim to know it all. I currently live my life aiming for success as defined by own criteria, excelling in some cases and making mistakes in other cases. However, one thing is certain, I learn from my mistakes (eventually!). I still have a whole lot to learn and this is what makes everyday exciting to me. I hope you will share your experiences with us as well via your comments.

Cheers to years and a future of good motivational blogs.

‘Just do it mum’