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I am always finding myself.

In this world, I get lost too easily. It is not something I am proud of. However, I realise that I am quick to give all of me to people in the name of loyalty and in the process, I lose some of me, my opinions, my wants, needs or just the ability to do or say things that I would really like to. It is always nice to regroup and love on myself again. I love people but I love me also. I will always be loyal but not to my own detriment. Me version umpteenth loading….

I am hoping that this deficiency is finally being sorted out on my most recent sojourn to find myself will fix me for good. I matter, my opinion is valid, my problems are worth solving and are a priority when necessary and my joys are worth celebrating in real time. So cheers to the future.

So, we have been living in Calgary now for 5 months. It is beginning to feel like home. Other than my family being happy, the other thing I am grateful for is a fantastic support system. I have been floored by how far people who have become really good friends are willing to go to assist myself and my family and make us feel at home. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed phone calls. For some reason, in London, I just didn’t have that. Everyone was busy, including myself. I would think three times before I gave someone a call. But here, I can pick up the phone and make that call and know it will be picked up and I can have a good old fashioned conversation! I have always known I am an old soul at heart, but you can’t imagine how happy that makes me feel.

Work has been quite slow paced compared to what I am used to. If it could change anything, it would be that. I used to being over utilised. However. I understand it is only slow in the summer and things should pick up in the fall. I am so looking forward to that. Weirdo, I know, that’s me!

We always said the night life here wasn’t great and I wasn’t expecting to find any good places to eat that would excite me. However, I realised I wasn’t going about this the right way. One of my colleagues happens to be a foodie like me and all her recommendations have been on point. I am once again happy that I can’t restaurant hop and treat my taste buds to some good food!

I love that I have time to do other things. I can be a wife, a mum, work full time, work on my fitness, work on my business and have some leisure time. After doing all this, I still feel sane and not rushed off my feet constantly.

I am grateful for sanity, I am grateful for life and I am grateful for health. Everyday, I am reminded that life is short. I intend to live it living my best life, so help me God.

As with the title, not much else to say today. Just journaling my current thoughts. Until next time .

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