Butterfly themed 1st birthday party


It has been a very long time and not a day goes by when I do not think of blogging, believe me.

We as a family have been going through a lot of changes. Everyone is happy and good but we are moving! More about that later and in another post.

Today’s post is about my lovely Dara’s first birthday. I have probably forgotten some of the detail by now as it was back in October, but I promised some pictures and some tidbits about the planning, so here we go.

For someone who loves to plan parties and be as creative as pinstrest and my resources will let me, I have always felt restricted by the fact that our birthdays fall in the winter months. Dara was born in October, my birthday in November, my husband’s in December and my son in January. So it is four back to back months of celebration, in the winter. This year was particularly big as Dara, myself and my husband had landmark birthdays

For Dara’s party, with the help of friends, I settled for a butterfly themed party. I honestly thought this would be easy to pull off, but I found it a little challenging. I was working full time at a very demanding job with two children and trying to plan a party for about 100 people (don’t ask) in my home, by myself.

I really liked the idea of having a dessert table, some sort of focal point for the pictures. I ended up putting one together myself and I was quite pleased with the result as you can see from the table below. I’m truly grateful to generous friends who are constantly showering us with love. The cookies and birthday cake were a gift from friends and they were both so yummy.

I decided for the adults, I will focus on making sure they have good food and drinks all they will get is good food and drinks and for the kids, I needed to find a way to entertain them. The predicament I had was that I had a very tight budget but I really wanted it to work.

For the kids, I toyed with the idea of getting them an entertainer. This would have been perfect but for one small details. Nigerians have a habit of not turning up to parties on time. With my limited budget, I couldn’t hire an entertainer for the whole day and it would have just been for a couple of hours. I found it difficult to estimate the best time as I wasn’t sure who would arrive when. So I ditched that plan and prayed for good weather so the kids can play in the garden.

We ended up hiring a bouncy castle, giant jenga, giant four in a row and hoppers. We also put a lot of the kids’ toys in the garden. Thankfully, the weather was largely complaint and the kids all seemed to have had a great time.

By the end of the day, all I wanted to do was sleep!

I’m glad it went well, but that was just the first party of our family birthday season!

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