We have a party to plan!

It is exactly 11 days to Dara's first birthday and I'm here screaming inside… I'm not ready!!

Rewind to about 4 years ago when Deolu was turning 1, I had everything on lockdown! I knew what I was making for his Mickey mouse themed party and what I was buying. For Dara however, although we have a theme, I'm still a little lost and undecided on a number of things which is very unlike me. I only have a few more days to make this decision so that anything that needs to be delivered will arrive on time.

I tried to be organised and I ordered some butterfly wings and headband sets a few weeks ago on AliExpress. I mean, it's been nearly 6 weeks now and of the 22 I ordered, only 2 has arrived. I've been urged to wait 15-30 more days for the others to arrive. Well, forgive my skepticism but by then, Dara would be 1 year and 1 month and the party will be long forgotten! Off to leave a review and find alternatives that are closer ashore!

Work has been super busy but I've taken the three days before the party off to give me sometime to disconnect from work and zone in on the preparations. I like being crafty but at the same thing, I know it can be time consuming. I will try to be sensible and buy what I can't make.

Here is hoping the day will go well and will be beautiful. If I end up making anything, I shall be sharing the pictures, so watch this space!


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