If you look for it, you will find it

I was looking through my very long list of unpublished blogs and came across this from November 30, 2015. Yes you heard that right!

The shows I refer to and the frame of my mind recorded below is from 2015. It made me smile as I vividly remembered watching the shows I was talking about.

The blog post was highlighting how easy and useful it is to gain knowledge and information these days. It is a short post but I believe it is sill valid today. It made me remember and miss my knitting days! I really need to pick that up again, I will just need to add extra hours to my day! Enjoy!

An excerpt from my 2015 mind

I was having a very lazy Monday evening after a long day at work. I was sitting at the front of the television, knitting a scarf and watching whatever was on the tv. I was too tired to look for anything interesting to watch so I left it on BBC 1. I must say that the television isn’t half as bad as we claim it is.

Panaroma came on and the episode was about British American Tobacco (BAT) and the bribery scandal in Africa. Then there was the show about foods of the future which went in depth into how scientists reckon supermarkets will look like in the future (basically, no check out counters and robot shopping attendants). There was also news on the pollution levels in China due to heavy reliance on coal as a source of energy.

These three news articles may sound random and irrelevant, but to me, they were useful information to know. Particularly as I deal with clients from different industries and backgrounds at work. The information on BAT increased my awareness of risks to consider during the client on-boarding process. Watching panorama has given me some insight into the now public perception of the company and would prompt me to ensure that relevant safeguards are put in place if we were ever to work for them.

With regards to the pollution level in China, we recently had a meeting with some Chinese clients and having access to such information, though it may seem trivial, could be some form of an icebreaker, in an appropriate setting.

What I am trying to highlight with this post is the fact that we currently live in a world where there is a whole load of information out there and readily available. Recently I was reminiscing about the days when Google first started and how hard it was to find useful information on it. These days, it has so much information, I nearly always start all my research by searching on Google. I am not saying that all the information provided by Google is accurate or useful, but it is certainly a good start. Have you heard of the phrase, Google is your friend!

We should aim to arm ourselves with information. Read more books, especially non-fiction books. Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the learning process that comes with it!

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